Interactive display TOUCH SERIE 9

Live a revolutionary experience


We have conceived a revolutionary true 4K interface where everything you need is at your fingertips. Its new bar takes us to a friendlier and more recognisable environment even for new users, no matter which side of the display you are at, press the reverse button, and everything comes to you. With our interactive touch screen and its new tools like Eye Care or Recorder, utilities like Preview or the possibility to add your apps to favorites, you are guaranteed a unique experience.

Maximum power

Thanks to its powerful MediaTek 9950, the most powerful high-performance chip on market, you will enjoy endless performance on our interactive touch screen. Feel how Apps come to life as they run faster, install Apps that until now simply couldn't be used on interactive displays, and above all, enjoy a fluidity and stability never seen before.

Interactive display TOUCH SERIES 9

ZeroAir design

In our interactive touch screen we have reduced the distance between the glass and the screen to virtually zero, preventing light reflection and providing a natural writing experience. Bring back the feel of handwriting with its real-time stroke speed and Dual Pen, which allows you to write characters smaller than 1cm with its thin tip and use it thick tip as a precision eraser, or write simultaneously to two users in different colors.

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Unlimited collaboration

Connect and collaborate by sharing your PC, tablet or mobile screen in real time without being tied to cables or tables. Thanks to the EShare 4S bidirectional wireless technology you can project up to 4 devices simultaneously, or duplicate the screen to all the devices of your students or meeting partners. Easily connect our interactive touch screen to webcams, speakers, microphones and other devices via Bluetooth or take advantage of maximum connectivity with its USB-C port that lets you share audio and video from your device with a single cable.

Interactive display TOUCH SERIES 9

Everything under control

With the DMCS™ service you can conveniently manage all your ORBYS interactive touch screens. Install and decide which Apps are available by generating personal or departmental profiles. Prevent them from uninstalling Apps or changing device settings, receive status alerts, schedule maintenance tasks or lock display until they identify with their own CEI card or PIN. You can even watch the screen in real time or simply check they are all switched off at the end of the day.

Interactive display TOUCH SERIES 9

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