UC M22

UC M22

Put the new ORBYS UC M22 at the centre of your life thanks to its powerful speaker with Crystal Clear quality and its array of 6 omni-directional microphones with 360° coverage.

Bluetooth/USB connectivity just in seconds to your interactive touch screen, computer, tablet or mobile phone. Unlimited communication for your meetings and hybrid classrooms.

6 microphones in 360º

Noise and echo cancellation

Bluetooth: Direct & Dongle USB

80dB SPL power

Seamless connection up to 10m

Battery life up to 8h

UC B22

UC B22

The ORBYS UC B22 is our personal camera for daily use from anywhere thanks to its Plug&Play technology and small dimensions.

A perfect 4K UHD image thanks to its 13 Mpx sensor and 3D DNR technology that allows it to work with a new generation of clarity and sharpness.

H.264(30fps) YUY2(30fps) resolution

4K 13Mpx camera

Auto focus


DNR: 2D & 3D

2 microphones up to 4 metres

Connection USB-C

UC T22

UC T22

With its three 4K UHD cameras, the ORBYS UC T22 offers a 180° panoramic view so nothing and no one is left out of the meeting or class.

Move freely while you talk and the intelligent zoom will always keep you in the middle, or switch with a simple click between its five predefined work scenarios depending on the type of meeting.

4K 12Mpx triple camera

180º panoramic view

5 capture modes

2 microphones up to 4 metres

USB & USB-C connectivity

Auto tracking

UC P22

UC P22

The ORBYS UC P22 is our first camera with PTZ technology that will allow you to make video conferences in large rooms thanks to its powerful zoom and motorised body.

From the ceiling, wall or on a table, enjoy its 4K 60fps quality and switch the camera shot by pressing a button remotely, or by selecting a pre-memorised focus.

Ethernet RJ45 PoE

Remote control (255 presets)

170º (hor) 30º (ver) motion

HFoV 71º angle

Zoom: 12x optical + 16x digital

Multi-port connectivity