EVERYTHING under control...
With your Android tablet

More and more companies, organisations, educational centres, etc... are choosing tablets as the perfect devices due to their great autonomy, convenience and mobility.

However, as this need for devices increases, so does the complexity of managing them, therefore, when choosing, we must not only think about the device, but also what management tools we can find. ORBYS DMCS™ is the perfect solution to have it ALL under control.

EVERYTHING under control... <br /> With your Android tablet
Apps management

Apps management

ORBYS DMCS™ is an MDM solution developed by the manufacturer itself, forget about adaptive or compatible solutions and take advantage of the advanced functions that only ORBYS DMCS™ can offer you with absolute confidence as it is a Google Certified Company.

Enables an Apps centralized management: installation/uninstallation, creation of shortcuts to web pages, whitelist, blacklist, kiosk...

It even allows you to make managed settings on Google Chrome: secure search, incognito mode settings, etc...

Profile management

ORBYS DMCS™ automation ability allows you to work more efficiently, create time-controlled policies, use restricted profiles for your classrooms or work schedule, and release the device at the end of the day if you wish to do so.

Optimise your time value and get rid of manual maintenance tasks (resetting devices, manual configurations, customising backgrounds). Set up your devices en masse and keep them fully managed by having over 40 usage restrictions on the OS.

Profile management
Security management

Security management

ORBYS DMCS™ management integrates perfectly with identity, access, security and privacy solutions.

It is the perfect tool to increase the mobility of your devices without sacrificing security by having a fully RGPD-compliant Cloud Infrastructure in Europe.

Forget about your users' data and accounts piling up on your devices thanks to the possibility of deleting them all when you log out, so that wherever your users go, their data and IT assets are kept completely safe.

Auditing and reporting

With ORBYS DMCS™ you can quickly view the entire device inventory and its users, as well as access to essential hardware and software information, helping you to keep your devices in perfect condition.

You will be able to access dashboards, reports and get first-hand information on which functions or Apps are most used by users by measuring usage time.

Make the most of ORBYS DMCS™ and use it to scale to a larger number of devices, 10, 100 or 1.000 users, with the peace of mind of having EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL.

Auditing and reporting

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