Tablet charger cabinet E36

Anywhere, anytime

With the new tablet charging cabinet ORBYS TAB E36, you can move from classroom to classroom up to 36 tablets with minimum effort.

And at the end of your lessons, store all your tablets in an organised and safe way while they are smartly charged to be full of energy the next day.

Tablet charger cabinet TAB E36

Efficient mobility

Its compact size and low weight make the tablet charger cabinet ORBYS TAB E36 a highly mobile cabinet, even in tight spaces such as lifts.

Its wheels with Medical Mute technology allow it to move quietly with minimal effort and its Dual Break system safely brakes its wheels when you get to the classroom.

Smart charging

With smart USB charging ports, each tablet will charge at its own pace, and when it's done, the ORBYS TAB 36 will stop sending power to take care of the battery's health. Check the charging status of each device at a glance thanks to its LED indicators.

Feel the peace of mind knowing that your tablets are protected with our tablet charger cabinet against overloads, short circuits, reverse perfusion, overvoltage and leakage, thanks to the S8 smart protection chip.

Tablet charger cabinet TAB E36
Tablet charger cabinet TAB E36

Secure storage

Store your tablets neatly thanks to its 36 bays with Soft Wave design for easy storage and no scratches.

The tablet charger cabinet E36 has a temperature-controlled forced ventilation system that allows us to store tablets without waiting at the end of their use and evacuates heat safely during the charging process.

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