Android tablet

Android tablet Special Edition


Design, power and robustness in a single device to offer you all the advantages of a laptop and the agility of working with a tablet. Discover the new TAB F21 NEO, created to avoid planned obsolescence and survive year after year.

IP54 Level Protection
4 GB / 64 GB
4G connection
Drop Test 70 cm

Designed to survive

Everything is designed to minimise breakdowns and breakages caused by knocks, falls or spillage of liquids. Its protective silicone shield, reinforced at the corners, minimises the likelihood of damage from drops of up to 70 cm, and its IP54 protection rating prevents damage from occasional liquid spills.

Tablet to work with two Apps simultaneously thanks to the split screen it offers. The best tool to increase your productivity and multitask with ease.

Save time and increase your productivity

Thanks to its split-screen functionality, you can view two Apps simultaneously, side by side. The multitasking option will allow you to save time and work more efficiently. Doing two tasks at once has never been easier: checking your email and working on a document, even watching a movie and chatting with friends. Forget about switching between Apps to find the information you need, all your sources and resources can be at your fingertips, all at the same time.

The energy and connection you are looking for

Feel the freedom to work for hours on end wherever you are. The TAB F21 NEO features the latest technology in mobile and wireless connectivity. Access mobile data via nano-SIM card and enjoy mobility via 4G connection or access high-speed Wi-Fi networks via the integrated Dual Band 5GHz module. Work or make the most of your free time thanks to its powerful 8000mAh battery that offers unlimited performance and productivity.

Start writing like a pro

Enjoy a better typing experience with our keyboard cover designed to fit the TAB F21 NEO perfectly, thanks to its electromagnetic technology. Discover the precision of a computer keyboard in an ultra-portable design ideal for students and professionals who need a comfortable, easy-to-use solution. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of old USB/Bluetooth connections and welcome the productivity of working with a full-screen keyboard and trackpad in a lectern position.

Do you need a keyboard and to protect your tablet?

Discover our DMCS, the EMM solution certified by Google

The security and control that marks the difference

Increase your productivity and simplify your tasks

Increase your productivity and simplify your tasks
Search and install massively on all tablets those applications you need.
Easily create shortcuts to your main or most used Apps
Delete massively or individually those Apps you do not want to be used on the device.

Save time and effort by centralising and controlling all your tablets from the central management panel. You will be able to control all devices, creating profiles, setting up applications, managing content and much more.

EVERYTHING under control... with your Android tablet

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