Everything you need
to boost your business

Everything you need to boost your business

Why join ORBYS?

Being an ORBYS Dealer will allow you to easily increase your sales with our solutions and products of high technological value developed to improve your customers' daily lives. Protect your customers and explore new markets with the peace of mind of having an international partner like ORBYS, focused on generating value for your customers and benefits for your business.

3 converging business lines
Over 100 dealers in Europe
Customised plan with our Dealer Program
Focused on your business

We go along with you on the way

Our sales and marketing specialists speak your language and will help you throughout the sales cycle with training, demonstrations, negotiation and personalised sales support. And thanks to our support team, you will never feel alone with any questions or problems a customer may have. Your success is our success.

We go along with you on the way

The latest technology is guaranteed

Innovation is part of our values. Therefore, with us you will have access to the latest technology able to satisfy the needs of your customers, and also to develop new needs in the market that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition by value, avoiding fights based just on price.

Three converging business lines

Be a pioneer by offering a new way of printing while saving costs and reducing your environmental impact with UpCycling. Discover the performance and efficiency of our interactive displays or get ahead of your competition by offering the latest technology with the security of a product designed to reduce breakdowns and breakages with ORBYS F21 tablets.

Three converging business lines
A programme designed for you

A programme designed for you

We don't care how big you are, but how big you want to be, join our growing global network of over 100 Dealers in 5 countries across Europe. If you are convinced you want to be part of the change, we have a Dealer Program that fits you perfectly.

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