and Cleaning

All the used equipment pass a triage selecting those that have consumed less their useful life.

1 | General cleaning of the device.

2 | Disassembly of all units.

3 | Individual cleaning of the chassis, plates, motors and units.

Disassembly and Cleaning
Section by section

Section by


All the components of the units are replaced* and an individual control of each unit is carried out before going to the assembly line.

1 | PCDU.

2 | Transfer Unit.

3 | Fusing Unit.

4 | Paper and Original Feed Unit.

Section by section



The chassis enters the computerized production line and during 15 stages it receives all the elements and units, as well as the configurations until becoming again a reprographic equipment.

1 | Assembly stages.

2 | Adjustment and calibration stages.

3 | Stages of engine and software.

Mass RE-production
Quality Inspection



All devices are inspected in the last 2 stages of the production line to meet our quality and reliability standards.

1 | Test of quality of impression and adjustments.

2 | ZeroJAM test with more than 2000 double-sided copies.

3 | Software test and printing on PCL and PS3.

Quality Inspection


Ready! After having invested more than 25 hours reviewing more than 100 points, replaced several dozen pieces, intensely cleaned all the equipment and care to the smallest detail. We have ready a new MFP completely synchronous with the maintenance cycles of the manufacturer.

1 | Taking care of the “first impression”.

2 | Packed to cross half the world.

3 | As new with the guarantee of the new.